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Rio Mare Insalatissime messicana e tonno 160g

Rio Mare Insalatissime messicana e tonno 160g

£5.02  £31.37 / kg
incl. 0% VAT
delivery time 4-6 days

The unique flavour of Rio Mare tuna, combined with red beans and flavoursome vegetables. Ready-to-eat at any time of the day thanks to the fresh packaging, which preserves the fresh taste and nutritional values of the product. With no added preservatives. This Mexican version is ideal for those who like strong flavours. The flavour of the tuna is enriched by a mix of vegetables and spices.


Tuna** 26%, red beans 23%, maize 20%, maize oil 6%, carrots 6%, paprika 6%, salt, flavourings, **Euthynnus (Katsuwonus) pelamis. May contain gluten.


Nutrition information
per 100 g contains
Energy833 kJ (200 kcal)
Fat13 g
of which saturates1.7 g
Carbohydrate9.5 g
of which sugars2.5 g
Protein10 g
Salt1.5 g
Item number 100728
Weight 160 g