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Kokki Djawa Boemboe noodles goreng 100g

Kokki Djawa Boemboe noodles goreng 100g

£2.04  £20.40 / kg
incl. 0% VAT
delivery time 5-7 days

Bami goreng is a compound of Chinese and Indonesian, derived from two Chinese words Ba = meat and Mi = noodles. Goreng means fried. Kokki Djawa boemboe (spice mix) bami goreng supplemented with meat, prawns, vegetables and egg make a delicious bami goreng according to your own imagination.


water, onions, natural flavouring, garlic, salt, melado, white pepper, food acids (E330, E270), preservatives (E260, E202, E211).


Nutrition information
per 100 g contains
Energy349 kJ (85 kcal)
Fat0.3 g
of which saturates0 g
Carbohydrate17.2 g
of which sugars3.5 g
Protein3.6 g
Salt10 g
Item number 101904
Weight 100 g