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Knorr Aromat flavour refiner 88g

Knorr Aromat flavour refiner 88g

£2.23  £25.34 / kg
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Knorr aromat natural flavour refiner is the essential ingredient for seasoning many types of dishes.


Iodized salt, flavor enhancer E621, MILK SUGAR, WHEAT STARCH, yeast extract, onion, palm fat, sunflower oil, salt, anti-caking agent E551, spices (garlic, turmeric, celery seed, cloves), bolete, bay leafMay contain soya, egg, mustard.


Nutrition information
per 100 g contains
Energy593 kJ (141 kcal)
Fat3.1 g
of which saturates1.2 g
Carbohydrate15 g
of which sugars6.6 g
Fibre0.7 g
Protein13 g
Salt57.9 g
Item number 101976
Weight 88 g