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Tony's Donkere melk 42% 180g

Tony's Donkere melk 42% 180g


The dark milk 42% chocolate bar of Tony's Chocolonely is a bar of full, creamy milk chocolate with the cracking and taste of dark chocolate. This not only makes Tony's Chocolonely happy, but also the farmers of their partner cooperatives in Ghana and Ivory Coast.


Sugar *, cocoa mass *, whole MILK POWDER, cocoa butter *, emulsifier: SOJALECITHINE. * Fair trade.


100 g contains
Energy2301 kJ (550 kcal)
Fat35.7 g
including saturates21.5 g
Carbohydrate46.1 g
including sugars44.3 g
Protein7.7 g
Salt0.16 g
Item number 100030
Weight 180 g
Price per kg 21.17 GBP
Availability In stock