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Tony's Chocolonely Dark 70% 180g

Tony's Chocolonely Dark 70% 180g


The pure 70% chocolate bar of Tony's Chocolonely is pure enjoyment, because it contains no less than 70% cocoa. These are a whole bunch of cocoa beans and so there is less room left for sugar. This pure chocolate bar is also very good in muffins, cookies and cake.


Cocoa mass *, sugar *, cocoa butter *, emulsifier: SOJALECITHINE. Cocoa constituents: at least 70%. * Fair trade.


100 g contains
Energy2355 kJ (563 kcal)
Fat42.3 g
including saturates25.4 g
Carbohydrate30.7 g
including sugars27 g
Protein7.8 g
Salt0.02 g
Item number 100024
Weight 180 g
Price per kg 21.17 GBP
Availability In stock